Artwork Guide


The following guide will ensure that your uploaded artwork is processed without delay.

The option to upload your artwork via our file uploader becomes available once the checkout process is complete.




Please send complete artwork in press-ready PDF format.





  • For a sharp print, all images should be supplied at 300dpi, however we will accept files down to 200dpi.
  • Any image(s) supplied at less than 200dpi will result in poor print-reproduction, for which we will not be held responsible for.
  • Unnecessarily large files should be avoided and will cause some delay in the processing of your order. For example; an A4 image with bleed at 300dpi must not exceed 40MB. Please see our FAQ for help on reducing file sizes.



  • Please ensure your artwork is set to the correct page size, including 3 mm of bleed all round.

For example;

A4 print = 303 mm x 216 mm (297 mm x 210 mm + 3 mm bleed on all sides)
A5 print = 216 mm x 154 mm (210 mm x 148 mm + 3 mm bleed on all sides)
A6 print = 154 mm x 111 mm (148 mm x 105 mm + 3 mm bleed on all sides)

Business Card = 91 mm x 61 mm (85 mm x 55 mm + 3 mm bleed on all sides)



  • All fonts must be embedded into the PDF file when created.
  • Unusual fonts should be converted into curves, paths or outlines first (depending on the software you are using).



Artwork must be supplied as CMYK, unless a pantone colour is specified.

(If you supply files in alternate colour spaces, they will automatically be converted into CMYK and there may be some variation in colours.)

At additional cost, we are able to print using a 5th colour.

  • Black text must be composed of only black ink, and not a composite of four colours (rich black).
  • For an additional cost, we are able to supply a colour proof in order to check colours.




Whilst every effort is made to ensure we will notify you of any errors, we cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies on your artwork, or for artwork that is not to the specifications given here.

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